Buchanan Elementary School

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Agendas & Homework:

  • Students will be issued an Agenda at the beginning of the year. This will be a daily communication between home and school. The Agenda will have assignments, weekly spelling words, and notes from the teacher. Please check your child’s agenda every night and initial or sign on the current day.
  • Homework may be assigned Monday through Thursday. Each child will write down assignments in his/her Agenda and place any homework pages in his/her agenda. It is the child’s responsibility to ensure that assignments, books, or materials are brought home when needed.


Behavior: Clip Chart

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  • You are welcome to send in treats for your child’s birthday. *In accordance with Rutherford County Policy, all food items brought into the classroom must be “store-bought.”*
  • Birthday Invitations may be passed out in the classroom ONLY, providing there is an invitation for every child in our classroom.


Communication: Calls, Emails, Newsletters, and Notes:

  • Please feel free to call the office at (615) 893-3651 and leave me a message.
  • Please send all emails to looneyk@rcschools.net
  • Our newsletter will be sent home on Monday. The newsletter will include important dates, reminders, weekly skills, and updates.
  • Please include any notes in the agenda. I will respond back in the agenda.


Grades: Class-Work, Progress Reports, Report Cards, and Scale:

  • Graded work from the previous week will be sent home on Monday. The papers will be placed in his/her graded papers folder.
  • Report Cards will be sent home every nine
  • Grading for 1st grade students is based on the following scale:
  • 1: Student work that is beginning to develop the standard. Not yet able to produce grade level work.
  • 2: Student work that is progressing toward the standard. Producing the required grade level work with teacher assistance and direction.
  • 3: Student work that is meeting the grade level standard and producing quality work.
  • 4: Student work that is exceeding the grade level standard and producing quality work consistently.





  • Please send money in a sealed envelope. Please make sure the envelope is labeled with your child’s name, what the money is for, and how much is in the envelope.



  • Students can bring a healthy snack and water every day.
  • All water bottles need to have a cap/top.



  • Bus Riders: Bus riders will be dismissed to the buses after dismissal.
  • Car riders: Car riders will be dismissed from the cafeteria. You will pick your child up in the car rider line. You must have your child’s sentence strip that includes your child’s name, grade, and school sticker. (Your teacher will provide two at the beginning of the year. If you ever need a new one, please ask the office.)
  • *If there is a transportation change, your child must have a note, (separate from the agenda), so we can honor the change.