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Jerrod Pilgrim » Welcome to Physical Education

Welcome to Physical Education

 Mr. Pilgrim
     Welcome to Physical Education at Buchanan Elementary.  This is my 3rd year at Buchanan and my 18th year in teaching.  I have always loved to teach elementary aged students.  They are always so excited to come to PE and be active and learn at the same time. Physical Education at Buchanan is skill based.  Which means, instead of learning about different sports in particular, we learn about the different skills that are part of the sport.  Some of our basic skills that we focus on are: fleeing and dodging, locomotor skills, educational gymnastics, rhythmic activities, rope jumping and fitness.  Some of the sport skills that we focus on are: underhand and overhand throwing, catching; kicking; basketball-dribbling, passing, shooting; underhand and overhand volley; and games using short and long handled implements.  We also incorporate lots of music into our activities.  Our students love to do different activities while moving to the music.